(I will update this page with a more detailed guide and pictures soon)



1. Clean the hatch glass

2. Peel double sided tape from the back of the badge and press the badge firmly against the glass

3. Run the wire from the badge to the inside of the hatch.

4. Attach the 12V invertor to the cable and secure inside the hatch

5. Run power to the 12V invertor





1. Remove OEM Emblem from the Tailgate

2. Remove the two plastic inserts from the two holes in the Tailgate

3. Clean the area well

4. Feed one wire from the badge through each hole

5. Remove the cover from the double sided sticky tape and firmly push the badge onto the Tailgate

6. Push the wire ends into the spare Connector that came inside the Tester as shown in the picture below.

It doesn't matter which wire is left or right. Make sure that the pin is at the top and you push the wire into the back of the connector all the way.

(6. Test the badge by attaching the Battery tester.)

7. Attach the 12V invertor to the badge

8. Run 12V power to the invertor