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New Orders will be shipped from Mid May 2024


After many years of tinkering and perfecting my design, I have put together this small Web Shop to make it easier to track orders.




I have spent a long time making a 3D model, which matches the Original design as closely as possible.

Since then I have updated the design and materials for production, durability and visibility.

The badge is held on to the back of the hatch using 3M double sided industrial strengh tape.

Each badge consists of:

  • Frame
  • Logo
  • Inserts
  • Chrome sheet
  • EL-Panel
  • Backplate



To light up the badge, I use an EL-Panel (Electroluminescent Panel) just like the OEM badge.

The Panel is driven by a 12V invertor. I do not use LEDs.

The EL Panel is cut to shape to fit inside the badge. The Panel is covered in clear tape to protect the edges.

Do not attempt to remove the clear tape from the EL-Panel. This will lift the layers and destroy the Panel.



The original Indiglo badge is Chrome Plated. This is an extremely thin layer of chrome that is added to the Logo via procress called "metal vapor deposition". This is an industrial process under Vaccum and heat that I cannot reproduce at home.

Instead the Logo in my badges is glass clear with a layer of chrome film behind. This has multiple benefits.

The chrome can't wear off or tarnish and the light shines through the sheet very evenly.



The frame is made from Nylon Syntered Plastic, which is very robust.

However, natural Nylon is white and the frames are therefore tinted/coloured black.

It is normal for the black colour to fade after extended time outside or when being washed.

This can easily be reverted with black shoe polish and does not harm the plastic.


How to Order

If you would like to buy an Indiglo badge from me, please click on the "CR-X / CIVIC" Menu at the top of the page.
Please be aware that I only accept PayPal payments at this time.